Discover New Tastes And Flavors

The 5 Basic Tastes

These five sensations will help you understand what food tastes like:

  • Sweet – Hey, you know when you’re biting into that delicious slice of birthday cake or savoring a piece of milk chocolate, that delightful sensation you get is what we call “sweet.”
  • Salty – When you’re munching on your favorite bag of chips or devouring handfuls of popcorn, and you get that savory kick? That’s what we call “salty.”
  • Sour – Ever had a lemon or a sour candy that makes your face pucker up? That’s the “sour” taste doing its thing.
  • Bitter – You know that strong, sometimes harsh flavor you get from black coffee, dark chocolate, or unripe berries? That’s “bitter.”
  • Umami – Ever wondered what makes your favorite bowl of ramen, beef stew, or a juicy steak so satisfying? That’s “umami,” often described as a savory or meaty taste.