What Do Cherries Taste Like?

Ah, cherries! These delightful little orbs of flavor are a joy to behold. They’re like nature’s candy. Small, round, and often a vibrant red, cherries are a sight that can make anyone’s mouth water.

Cherries come in various types, each with its distinct flavor profile. The most common ones you’ll come across are sweet cherries, like Bing or Rainier, and sour cherries.

As the name suggests, sweet cherries are sweet with a hint of tartness. They’re perfect for eating out of hand or adding to a fruit salad. Sour cherries, on the other hand, have a tart flavor that really shines in baked goods and desserts.

Read on to learn more about cherries and why I think there’s a type that you’ll love.

How Do Cherries Taste?

When you bite into a cherry, you’ll first notice its sweetness. It’s a natural, fruity sweetness that’s quite distinct. But cherries aren’t just sweet. They also have a subtle tartness that balances out their sweetness, making them taste wonderfully balanced.

What Do Cherries Taste Like

This combination of sweet and tart is what makes cherries so irresistible.

But cherries aren’t just about sweetness and tartness. They also have a depth of flavor that’s quite remarkable.

Some people describe cherries as having a slight almond-like, nutty flavor. There’s also a hint of woodiness, a floral note that’s quite delightful. And if you pay close attention, you might even detect slight notes of spice, cinnamon, and rose. This complex flavor profile makes cherries such a joy to eat.

So, the next time you eat a cherry, take a moment to really savor its flavor. You’ll be amazed at this tiny fruit’s symphony of flavors.

Varieties Of Cherries

There are numerous varieties of cherries, each with its own unique taste and texture. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Bing Cherries: These are perhaps the most popular variety of sweet cherries. They’re large, round, and have a deep red color. Bing cherries are known for their rich, sweet flavor with a hint of tartness.
  • Rainier Cherries: These cherries are a beautiful yellowish-red color. They’re slightly less sweet than Bing cherries, but they have a delicate, almost honey-like flavor that’s truly delightful.
  • Sour Cherries: Tart cherries are smaller and softer than their sweet counterparts. They have a bright, tart flavor that makes them perfect for pies and other baked goods.
  • Sweetheart Cherries: These cherries are large, bright red, and heart-shaped. They have a sweet, slightly tart flavor and a crisp texture.

Comparing Cherries With Other Fruits

Cherries are unique, but they do have some similarities with other fruits. Here’s how they compare:

  • Plums: Like cherries, plums are stone fruits and have a similar sweet-tart flavor. However, plums are larger and have a more complex flavor profile with floral, citrus, and honey notes.
  • Strawberries: Strawberries are sweet and slightly tart, much like cherries. However, strawberries have a more delicate flavor and a softer texture.
  • Raspberries: Raspberries are also sweet and slightly tart. They’re softer and more delicate than cherries and have a unique, almost wine-like flavor.
  • Peaches: Peaches and cherries are both stone fruits, and they have a similar sweet-tart flavor. However, peaches are larger and juicier and have a more floral flavor.

What Do Cherries Look Like?

Cherries are small, round fruits that are typically about the size of a marble. They have smooth, glossy skin ranging in color from a light yellowish-red to a deep, dark red, depending on the variety.

Bing cherries, for instance, are known for their deep, almost purplish-red color, while Rainier cherries have a beautiful yellowish-red hue.

When shopping for cherries at the grocery store, there are a few things you should look out for.

what do fresh cherries look like

First, check the color. A deep, vibrant color usually indicates that the cherries are ripe and full of flavor. Next, look at the skin. It should be glossy and free of blemishes or cuts. Finally, give the cherries a gentle squeeze. They should feel firm, not soft or mushy.

Remember, cherries are delicate fruits that can bruise easily, so handle them with care. And once you get them home, keep them in the refrigerator to maintain their freshness.

They’re best eaten within a few days of purchase, so don’t wait too long to enjoy them!

Do Cherries Have Seeds?

Yes, cherries do have seeds. In fact, each cherry contains a single seed, also known as a pit or a stone. This seed is large and hard, and it’s located in the center of the fruit.

When eating a cherry, you must be careful to avoid biting into the seed, as it can be quite hard and potentially damage your teeth. Some people prefer to use a cherry pitter, a handy tool that removes the seed while leaving the rest of the fruit intact.

However, if you don’t have a cherry pitter, don’t worry. You can still enjoy cherries by biting into them carefully and then removing the seed with your fingers. Remember to always discard the seeds, as they should not be eaten.

How To Eat Cherries

Cherries are a delight to eat on their own, and they require very little preparation.

  • Fresh Out of the Bag: One of the simplest and most enjoyable ways to eat cherries is, just as they are, fresh out of the bag. Just give them a good rinse under cold water to clean them, and they’re ready to eat. Remember to spit out the pits!
  • Chilled Cherries: For a refreshing treat on a hot day, try chilling your cherries in the refrigerator before eating them. The cold really brings out their sweetness and makes them even more refreshing.
  • Pitted Cherries: If you don’t like dealing with the pits while you’re eating, consider investing in a cherry pitter. This handy tool makes removing the pits from your cherries easy, so you can enjoy them without any interruptions.
  • Cherry Bowl: For a fun and healthy snack, fill a bowl with fresh cherries and set it out on your kitchen counter or dining table. It’s a great way to encourage healthy snacking, and the cherries’ bright red color adds a touch of beauty to your home.

Recipes with Cherries

Here are a few recipe ideas:

  • Cherry Pie: This is a classic dessert showcasing cherries’ flavor. You can use sweet or sour cherries, depending on your preference. Just remember to remove the pits before adding the cherries to the pie!
  • Cherry Smoothie: For a refreshing and healthy treat, try adding cherries to your next smoothie. They pair well with other fruits like bananas and strawberries and add a lovely sweetness.
  • Cherry Salsa: This might sound unusual, but cherry salsa is actually delicious. The cherries’ sweetness balances the chili peppers’ heat, creating a unique and flavorful salsa.

Side Dishes with Cherries

Cherries can also be used in side dishes to add a touch of sweetness.

  • Cherry Salad: Add pitted cherries to a salad for sweetness. They pair well with leafy greens, goat cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Cherry Chutney: This sweet and tangy condiment goes great with grilled meats. It’s made with cherries, vinegar, sugar, and spices.
  • Cherry Couscous: Add dried cherries to couscous for a sweet and savory side dish. The cherries add a touch of sweetness that complements the nuttiness of the couscous.

Cherry FAQs

What is the taste of cherries?

Cherries have a delightful balance of sweet and tart flavors. They’re primarily sweet, but a subtle sourness adds depth to their flavor. Some people also describe cherries as having a slight almond-like, nutty flavor with hints of woodiness, floral notes, and even a touch of spice.

What is the difference between sweet and sour cherries?

Sweet cherries, like Bing or Rainier, are typically eaten fresh. They have a sweet, rich flavor with just a hint of tartness. On the other hand, sour cherries are often used in cooking and baking due to their tart flavor. They’re perfect for pies, tarts, and other desserts where their tartness can be balanced with sugar.

How can cherries be used in cooking?

Cherries are incredibly versatile and can be used in a wide range of dishes. They’re great in desserts like pies and tarts but can also be used in savory dishes. Try adding them to salads, salsas, or chutneys for a burst of sweetness.

My Tasty Thoughts

Whether you’re enjoying them fresh out of the bag, chilled for a refreshing treat, or using them in various dishes, cherries never fail to impress with their versatility and depth of flavor.

From the rich, sweet taste of Bing cherries to the tart flavor of sour cherries, there’s a cherry variety to suit every palate.

So, whether you’re tossing them into a salad, baking them into a pie, or simply enjoying them on their own, you’re in for a treat that’s both tasty and good for you.

So, don’t hesitate to pick up a bag the next time you see cherries at your local grocery store. Take them home, try them, and savor the symphony of flavors this wonderful fruit has to offer.

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