Easy Kiwi Substitutes To Keep Your Dishes Delicious

I’ve played matchmaker with various fruits to find substitutes for kiwi that hit the sweet spot in recipes and snacks.

Taste resemblance took center stage because, let’s face it, we want that tangy-sweet zing that makes our taste buds dance like they’re at a tropical party. But I didn’t stop there! Texture, color appeal, and how easily you can snag these fruits from your local market also played a role in my final verdict.

Rating Kiwi Substitutes

When hunting for the perfect replacements for the taste of kiwi, I’ve tasted and tested a fruit basket’s worth of options! After a juicy journey, here are my top picks that mimic kiwi’s unique flavor and come close in texture and appearance.













Green Grapes



When you’re after that tropical flair in your dish, mango’s sweet and slightly tangy flavor profile is reminiscent of kiwi, making it a top contender in my book. Plus, the lush orange flesh brings a burst of color to any plate. I’ve found that mangoes work best as a replacement in smoothies and fruit salsas where kiwi would typically shine.

  • Substitute ratio: Use equal parts mango for kiwi in raw dishes.


Papaya’s subtle sweetness and soft texture make it another excellent choice for replacing kiwi. While it’s less tart than our green friend, papaya carries its own unique appeal that complements fruit salads and tropical desserts beautifully. I often turn to this fruit when I’m making breakfast bowls or looking for a gentle sweetness in my smoothies without overpowering other flavors.

  • Substitute ratio: Swap papaya for kiwi one-for-one in most recipes, especially those where the fruit isn’t the sole star.


Strawberries may not be the first thing that comes to mind as a kiwi substitute, but their juicy sweetness and slight acidity can fill in quite nicely. They’re particularly handy when you need something that looks pretty and tastes great atop tarts or cheesecakes. I’ve also tossed them into fruit salads, where they blend happily with other berries, offering a familiar yet satisfying alternative to kiwi.

  • Substitute ratio: Use strawberries in place of kiwi using the same amount called for in your recipe. They’re especially good when used fresh or as garnishes.


Pineapple brings a bold, tropical taste that’s both sweet and tart, much like kiwi. It’s got a bit more of a citrusy kick and tougher texture, which is fantastic for brightening up dishes. I’ve used pineapple as a stand-in for kiwi on pizzas and grilled fruit skewers, where its firm texture holds up well to heat. It also makes an excellent addition to smoothies for that refreshing zing.

  • Substitute ratio: Replace kiwi with pineapple in equal amounts. It works great in both cooked and raw preparations.


There’s something about peaches that just screams summer. Their juicy sweetness has a milder tang compared to kiwi but can still provide a tasty flavor boost to your dishes. I love dicing them up into salsa or adding them to fruit salads.

  • Substitute ratio: Use peaches instead of kiwi in equal parts, particularly in recipes where the fruit is meant to be a subtle hint.


Pears have a unique, sweet flavor with a hint of floral undertones, making them a surprisingly good stand-in for kiwi in certain dishes. Their soft texture is quite enjoyable, particularly when they’re ripe. I’ve used pears as a substitute in baked desserts where the added texture is welcome. They add a gentle sweetness to cakes and muffins and can also be poached or grilled for dessert.

  • Substitute ratio: Use ripe pears in place of kiwi at a one-to-one ratio, ideally in baked recipes or cooked preparations.

Green Grapes

Green grapes are at the bottom of my list for kiwi substitutes because they offer a different experience altogether. They’re more about popping sweetness with just a touch of tartness rather than the distinct tropical zing you get from kiwis. However, they can still play their part well in certain scenarios like snacking or as part of cheese boards where their crisp texture and juiciness add variety. I’ve also frozen them for a cool treat or tossed them into chicken salads for a burst of sweetness.

  • Substitute ratio: Replace kiwi with green grapes at your discretion. They work best when used whole or halved as part of mixed dishes rather than as direct substitutes.

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