What Does Lobster Taste Like?

Have you ever found yourself wondering about the taste of lobster? This luxurious seafood, often reserved for special occasions, has a rich and satisfying flavor profile, yet delicate and refined.

Lobster offers a taste that can be described as sweet and tender, similar to crab but with its own distinct nuances. It’s not overly ‘fishy’ like some seafood can be, instead presenting a balance of flavors that’s truly pleasing to the palate.

In this article, we’ll discuss the taste of lobster in more detail. We’ll explore its flavor profile, how it compares to other seafood, and what makes it such a sought-after delicacy.

How Does Lobster Taste?

When you first bite into a piece of perfectly cooked lobster, you’ll notice a sweetness that’s quite distinctive. This sweetness is complemented by a rich, satisfying flavor that’s less ‘fishy’ than crab, making it a favorite among many seafood lovers.

What Does Lobster Taste Like

The high amount of muscle in lobster tails contributes to a meaty texture that’s firm yet tender, adding to the overall eating experience.

The taste of lobster can also vary depending on how it’s cooked. Lobster retains a freshness that hints at its ocean origins, with subtle notes of saltiness and tanginess when boiled or steamed.

Compared to other seafood like prawns, shrimp, and crab, lobster holds its own with a better balance of flavors.

It’s meatier and has a more pronounced flavor, making it a standout in any dish. Whether it’s served in a rich bisque, paired with a simple butter sauce, or grilled to perfection on a barbecue, lobster brings a taste of luxury to any meal.

Does Lobster Smell Fishy?

One of the many appealing aspects of lobster is that it doesn’t have a strong, overpowering fishy smell. Instead, it carries a subtle aroma that reminds me of the ocean. It’s a fresh and slightly salty scent.

This lack of a strong fishy smell is one of the reasons why lobster is often appreciated by those who are typically not big fans of seafood.

When cooked, lobster releases a warm, inviting aroma that’s sure to make your mouth water. It’s a smell that promises a delicious meal, a promise that I think lobster certainly delivers.

Varieties Of Edible Lobster

Here’s a quick comparison of several varieties of lobster:

  • American Lobster: Also known as Maine lobster, this variety is known for its large size and sweet, tender meat. It’s often considered the king of seafood due to its rich and satisfying taste.
  • Spiny Lobster: Unlike its American counterpart, the Spiny Lobster lacks large claws. However, its tail is packed with delicious meat that’s slightly firmer but equally sweet.
  • Rock Lobster: Found in the waters of Australia and New Zealand, Rock lobsters have a more delicate flavor compared to other varieties. Their meat is tender and subtly sweet.
  • European Lobster: Similar to the American lobster but slightly smaller, the European lobster offers a sweet and succulent taste. It’s highly prized in many European cuisines.

What Does Lobster Compare With?

Lobster is often compared with other seafood in terms of taste and texture, such as:

  • Crab: Lobsters can be compared to crabs due to their sweet and tender meat. However, lobster is usually considered to have a richer and meatier taste.
  • Shrimp: The taste of lobster is somewhat similar to shrimp, but it’s sweeter and has a firmer texture. Lobster also has a more complex flavor profile.
  • Prawns: Like prawns, lobster has a sweet and delicate flavor. However, lobster is meatier and considered to have a more balanced taste.
  • Scallops: While scallops have a unique taste of their own, their sweet and tender meat is somewhat reminiscent of lobster. However, scallops have a softer texture and a more delicate flavor.

How To Eat Lobster

Eating lobster is a culinary experience that goes beyond just the taste. It’s about the process of cracking open the shell, extracting the meat, and savoring each bite.

Here are some common ways to enjoy this delectable seafood.

Boiled or Steamed Lobster

One of the most traditional ways to prepare lobster is to boil or steam it. This method allows the lobster to retain its natural flavors. Once cooked, it’s served with melted butter for dipping. The sweet, tender meat of the lobster pairs perfectly with the rich, creamy taste of the butter.

Grilled Lobster

grilled lobster

Grilling lobster imparts a smoky flavor that complements its natural sweetness. It’s a popular method during the summer months, perfect for outdoor barbecues. Grilled lobster is served with various sauces, from garlic butter to a tangy barbecue sauce.

Lobster Bisque

Lobster bisque is a creamy soup that’s rich in flavor. It’s made by simmering lobster shells in a broth with aromatics and then adding cream. The result is a smooth, velvety soup packed with lobster’s essence.

Lobster Rolls

A staple in New England, lobster rolls consist of chunks of lobster meat served in a buttered, toasted roll. The lobster is usually mixed with mayonnaise and served cold, although there are variations where the lobster is served warm with melted butter.

Each of these methods highlights the lobster’s unique flavor in a different way, offering a variety of taste experiences for the seafood lover.

How To Buy Lobster

When buying lobster, there are a few key things to look for to ensure you’re getting the best quality. Whether you’re purchasing from a grocery store, a seafood market, or considering ordering it at a restaurant, here are some tips to guide you.

raw lobster on ice


The most important factor when buying lobster is freshness. If you’re buying live lobster, look for active and responsive ones. They should move their claws and legs when picked up. Avoid lobsters that appear lethargic (lazy) or have a weak grip.

Shell Condition

Examine the shell of the lobster. It should be hard and free of any cracks or damage. A damaged shell could indicate a sick or old lobster.


A healthy lobster should feel heavy for its size. This is a good indication that it’s full of meat. If a lobster feels light, it may be “papery,” meaning it recently molted and hasn’t yet filled out its new shell with meat.


Fresh lobster should smell like the sea. Avoid lobsters that have a strong, fishy odor, as this could indicate that they are not fresh.

Buying Cooked Lobster

If you’re buying cooked lobster or lobster meat, ensure it’s from a reputable source. The meat should be firm and have a fresh, sweet smell.

At a Restaurant

When ordering lobster at a restaurant, it’s usually served whole, either boiled, steamed, or grilled. Some restaurants also offer dishes like lobster bisque or lobster rolls.

Remember, the key to a great lobster dish starts with a high-quality lobster, so it’s worth choosing the best one.

Lobster FAQs

Why do people like lobster?

People enjoy lobster for its sweet, tender meat and rich, satisfying flavor. It’s less ‘fishy’ than some other seafood, and the experience of cracking open the shell and extracting the meat also adds to its appeal.

Is a lobster sweet?

Yes, one of the defining characteristics of lobster meat is its sweetness. This sweetness and its rich and satisfying flavor make lobster a highly prized seafood delicacy.

How would you describe a good lobster?

A good lobster should have a hard shell and strong, large claws, especially in species like the American lobster. The meat should be sweet, rich, and satisfying, with a firm yet tender texture.

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